We provide you with tailor-made solutions for a number of fields.

We supply to a wide range of industries in our role as special-purpose machine builders. This means that our product portfolio is very diverse.

From custom-made items that are developed, drafted and manufactured according to customer wishes through to a wide variety of industrial services.

Here is a selection of our products:


Automotive industry Railway vehicle manufacturing Other industries

-  Mounting devices

-  Clamping devices

-  Control gauges

-  Plier armatures

-  Test stands                                       

-  Adjustable presses                





-  Assembly stand for wagon bodies

-  Automatic resistance spot-welding machines

-  Plasma and laser-welding machine

-  Appliances for mating and welding
   large components

-  Specialist welding systems

-  Sawing technology

-  Feeding and linking technology

-  Manufacturing equipment

-  Load handling equipment

Rail Vehicles Manufacturing

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Automobile Industry



Manufacturing Industry

Other Industries